Paul Hoekman
Johannesburg, South Africa
Member ID 0466
Member since Apr 10, 2013
Status Active


Web developer turned industrial ecology researcher. Focus on urban metabolism, and combining Industrial Ecology with IT tools.


I am passionate about open collaboration initiatives, exploring the challenges and opportunities around urban sustainability, and learning from and about nature.

In my work, I have been involved in a variety of initiatives and projects. I have (co-) founded a number of companies and non-profits, and my roles have included that of manager, researcher, web developer, teacher, and consultant.

From 2018 until the beginning of 2022 I was the Executive Director at the International Society for Industrial Ecology. I was one of the co-founders of Metabolism of Cities. I am involved in a number of urban metabolism teaching and research projects.

I grew up in The Netherlands but spent my adult life in Nicaragua, South Africa and Colombia. I enjoy nature photography and am currently trying to learn more about the fauna and flora in Gauteng, South Africa.

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