kaipeng ren
China University of Petroleum (Beijing)
Beijing, China
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Member since Jul 06, 2023
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I am a Postdoc researcher in the China University of Petroleum (Beijing). I use material flow analysis and optimization model to study the interconnection between energy and metal system under the deep decarbonized scenario. I have conducted oil and gas management analysis. Recently, I also engaged in the long-term outlook of energy demand and supply in national and global levels.


I have received a PhD degree from College of Economics and Management, China University of Petroleum (Beijing), advised by Xu Tang.
Now I hold the PostDoc position in College of Science, China University of Petroleum (Beijing).

Research Interests

I am interested in energy-environmental analysis and policy. I have evaluated metal resources constraints under the low-carbon transition background. For me, adding the metal sub-sector into Integrated Assessment Model and deeply bridge the energy and metal system is my long-term goals. These will require the coupling of industry ecology tools and energy system model. I also interested in using applied statistics method to understand the energy system and metal cycle data.