Lucas de Lima Casseres dos Santos
The Pennsylvania State University
State College, United States
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Lucas is originally from Brazil and now is working on his Ph.D. at Penn State University in Ag&Bio Engineering. He has a master's in Ag Engineering where he started researching LCA. Now he is focused on assessing the effects of developing a biobased economy in the US and how can it affect the nutrients loading to watersheds nd ultimately to the agricultural commodities produced there.


# Education #
Agricultural and Biological Engineering Ph.D. Student at Penn State University
MSc in Agricultural Engineering with a concentration in Energy in Agriculture at Universidade Federal de Vicosa
BS in Agricultural & Environmental Engineer at Universidade Federal Fluminense

# Publications #
MS Thesis published in LCA of dairy products
Now conducting research in Nutrient Flow Analysis, and 4 works in LCA (wastewater treatment, tannin production, milk production and use of lignin for 3D printing)

Research Interests

My research interests are material flow analysis and life cycle analysis applied to sustainable food & bioenergy systems.