Nils Pauliks
Leiden University
Leiden, Netherlands
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I am a PhD student at CML, Leiden University who is enthralled about contributing to future well being of both the planet and society. During my undergraduate studies I worked as a student research assistant at the Institute for sustainability in civil engineering (Marzia Traverso) at RWTH Aachen University. I participated in a large LCA-based research project with ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG, where the possibilities of green steel were evaluated.

I hold a MSc. in Industrial Ecology from Leiden University. In my master thesis I investigated the possibilities of Machine learning in ex-ante LCA. My PhD is about the environmental quantification of electronic products including the investigation of circular strategies to improve their environmental impacts. The PhD is supervised by Tomer Fishman and Bernhard Steubing in the circular circuits project.

Research Interests

LCA, MFA and LCC. Scale-up possibilities of quantification tools as well as data science methodologies such as machine learning.