Hazem Eltohamy
CML- Leiden University
Leiden, Netherlands
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Member since Apr 21, 2023
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A PhD candidate in CML Leiden University. My area of expertise is Life Cycle Thinking and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology. Furthermore, I have profound knowledge in solid waste management systems. Currently my research focus is LCA in E-mobility field & battery systems.


Holder of BSc degree in Civil Engineering with specialization in infrastructure and public works, and MSc degree in Environmental and land planning engineering. Profound knowledge of life cycle thinking and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology. Currently a PhD candidate in the Institute of environmental sciences at Leiden University. My PhD research topic is on the application of LCA in E-mobility sector. My research is being carried out within TranSensusLCA Horizon Europe Project which has a goal of harmonization the application of LCA for Zero emission vehicles and batteries in Europe.

Research Interests

-Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
-Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment
-Industrial Ecology
-Solid waste management
-Zero Emission Vehicles
-EV batteries.
-End of Life modelling
-Prospective/Ex-ante LCA