Gamze Unlu
Vienna, Austria
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Gamze Unlu joined IIASA as a research assistant in October 2019, and is affiliated with the Integrated Assessment and Climate Change (IACC) Research Group and Transformative Institutional and Social Solutions (TISS) Research Group within Energy, Climate, and Environment (ECE) Program. Her broader research interest is analyzing complex systems integrated with technology, human factors, institutions, regulations, and policies. She works with Integrated Assessment Models that represents energy, economy and climate as a whole and performs scenario analysis as tools to support policy decisions. Currently at IIASA, she is working on the development of MESSAGEix-Materials Model which endogenously represents the energy intensive industry production processes. This research aims to develop future scenarios to explore supply decarbonization options from industry in connection with the end use sectors that ar! e the source of the energy and material demand.

Her previous work includes agent based modeling of socio-technical systems with a focus on investment decisions for renewable energy systems, policy analysis of the coupling between heat and power sectors in the Netherlands as a flexibility option by using the European power systems model COMPETES. The study focuses on the effects of the sector coupling on power sector as well as the necessary policy instruments such as tax shifts.

Ms. Unlu obtained her MSc degree in Complex Systems Engineering and Management from Delft University of Technology specializing in energy systems, modeling and simulation (2019). She completed her undergraduate studies in Industrial Engineering in Turkey, Bilkent University (2017).

Research Interests

Integrated Assesment Modeling, Energy System, Material Flows, circular economy,