Katerina Antimisaris
University of Augsburg
Augsburg, Germany
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My name is Katerina Antimisaris and I am Ph. D. student at University of Augsburg. I have a bachelor degree in business management with focus on tourism-, hotel- and eventmanagement and a master degree in environmental ethics.


Sustainability is one of my main interests - personally and professionally. Already in my bachelor thesis I dealt with how the environmental effects of cruise tourism can be reduced. For my master degree I wanted to dive deeper into the topic of sustainability. The contents there were about the relationship between humans and nature and why nature is worth protecting in the first place. Further, I attended seminars about renewable energies and decarbonization.
I give my best to live a sustainable lifestyle and I am motivated to contribute to climate protection with my current work.

Research Interests

My research as a Ph. D. student is about hospital sustainability assessment. So firstly, I am looking at actions that can be done in hospitals to reduce their environmental impact. Secondly, I identify and develop indicators to assess the environmental (and social) performance of a hospital.
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