Laith Al Harthi
Muscat, Oman
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My Name is Laith Al Harthi a Management and Training Consultant with over 17 years of experience serving Public, Private & Academic sectors in Oman and abroad focusing on Projects Management And Sustainability Promotion & Enabling. While professionally accredited in both subjects from MIT School USA Boston and PMI Institute I learn with passion and enjoy every step of the projects I managed and those I am member of. Came from Information Science and equipped with Professional certificates on leadership & innovation in 2022 I am confident of my ability to contribute heavily to the UNDP Program especially in Saudi Arabia & Other GCC countries where I hold most of my experience as Projects Management International Consultant and trainer.


During my total years of experience the below had more specific attention and dedication:
 Project Management
 Risk Management & Mitigation.
 System thinking & Analysis.
 Business Management & development.
 Knowledge Management
 Innovation & Sustainability.

An outstanding relationship with global leading entities such as the US Navy, PMI® institute, PCI-Global, AMIDEAST, CAMERON, Shell, and at the local level had served top leading private and public bodies over my 10 years of running a Business Consulting office. To conclude this letter, I must highlight the honor I had with the opportunity to work for various National Projects such as: Oman 2040 vision, Tanfeedh Diversification Program, and National Leadership Program, The Research Council and State Council of Oman as Paper Participation or management facilitator.

Research Interests

Started my early career path as responsible for Information System Sections, Project management and Business development in the Government Sector. Then moved after 10 years to Academia as both full time or even as visitor lecturer in Oman and abroad with experience in Both American and British academic systems. By 2011 started my first international journey by joining an American Institute based in New jersey dedicated for Project Management Professional Training and Consulting, during which had the opportunity to contribute heavily to industrial development programs, business strategies and customer and stakeholder management. I had also been honored to write and co-author two cyclopedias related to Projects Management as well as Business Ethics and Entrepreneurship.
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