Joan Manuel F. Mendoza
Ikerbasque - The Basque Foundation for Science and University of Mondragon
Arrasate, Spain
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Member since Sep 02, 2022
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PhD in Environmental Science and Technology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), where I was trained on the application of the life cycle assessment methods and tools for sustainable city development. Later on, I joined the Sustainable Industrial Systems group at the University of Manchester (UoM) as a research associate to develop life cycle assessment, eco-design and circular economy projects, including circular and sustainable business model innovation. In 2019, I returned to the Basque Country (Spain), where I joined the University of Mondragon (Faculty of Engineering) and was granted an Ikerbasque Research Fellowship to develop industrial circular economy projects. Since January 2021, I am the Coordinator of the Research Group on Circular Economy and Industrial Sustainability (CEIS), working on four major areas of innovation: i) circular and sustainable design of products and technologies, ii) circular and sustainable industrial manufacturing, iii) technology-enabled circular and sustainable business model innovation, and iv) circular economy and sustainability assessment methods, tools and indicators.


Research Interests

Circular Economy, Circularity Indicators, Eco-design, Life Cycle Assessment, Cleaner Production, Circular and Sustainable Business Model Innovation, Sustainable Energy Transition, Renewable Energy Technologies.
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03 Mar 2023 2 PhD student offers (circularity, LCA and ecodesign of renewable energy technologies)
09 Jan 2023 2 PhD student and 1 Research Associate open positions
09 Jan 2023 2 PhD student and 1 Research Associate open positions