Heather Logan
Technical University of Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark
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Member since Jul 21, 2022
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Marie Curie Fellow and joint PhD student at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Ghent University (UGent) as a part of the H2020 MSCA Circular Plastics Network for Training (C-PlaNeT). Currently researching how accurate accounting of additives within plastics through LCA can improve planning for circular economy transitions.


I am a Marie Curie Fellow and Joint PhD student currently mapping the flows of additive enriched plastics (films, foils, products, and textiles) using LCA and MFA. I am investigating how we can improve the accounting of plastic chemical compositions to increase the circularity potential of plastics and mitigate the environmental impact of plastic waste streams. With a background in environmental sustainability and teaching in higher education, I am interested in how we teach, communicate, and develop LCA methodologies to help inform decision-making and sustainability transitions. After a decade in the textile and fashion industry, I have a particular interest in LCA for the textile industry. Specifically, I am interested in how we model processes and create accurate, accessible, and open-source databases for the textiles industry.

Research Interests

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
Data Quality
LCA data libraries and software development
Interpretation and communication of environmental assessments
Policy planning
Sustainability Transitions
Sustainable Development Goals

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