Virgil Alexandru Iordache
University of Bucharest, "Dan Manoleli" Research Centre for Ecological Services
Bucharest, Romania
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Member since Jun 26, 2022
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Associate professor in the Faculty of Biology, University of Bucharest, where he teaches several classes on management of the natural capital and sustainability science. He is also director of the “Dan Manoleli” Research Centre for Ecological Services – CESEC of the University of Bucharest. Since 2020 he is member in the board of the National Institute for Industrial Ecology and member in the National Ethics Council for research. His main research interests are in the soil-plant biogeochemistry, eco-hidrology, sustainability science and philosophy of biology. He has published several chapters in Springer books and articles in journals like Science of the Total Environment, Environmental Modelling & Software, Chemie der Erde, Ecohydrology & Hydrobiology, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Large Rivers.

Research Interests

Sustainable development in mining areas, management plans of river basins having mines and processing industry in their structure