Tessa Lee
Yale School of the Environment
New Haven, United States
Member ID 2495
Member since Apr 28, 2021
Status Active


Tessa is a Master of Environmental Science candidate ‘2023 at the Yale School of the Environment studying Industrial Ecology. Tessa's academic advisor is Dr. Yuan Yao with support from Dr. Thomas Graedel. Tessa's research will focus on LCA.

Previously Tessa worked as a sustainability consultant at Eunomia in the UK. She has a particular focus on waste management, decarbonisation and environmental modelling.

At Eunomia Tessa advised the procurement of public realm services such as waste collection and disposal, street cleansing and grounds maintenance for local authorities and has expert knowledge of the procurement regulations. At Eunomia Tessa specialised in models related to the decarbonisation of the building sector.


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