Shiva Zargar
The University of British Columbia
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Vancouver, Canada
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I am a Ph.D. student at the Sustainable Bioeconomy Research group at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. My research focuses on developing models and databases for evaluating the role of forest biorefineries in achieving a sustainable bioeconomy.


*The University of British Columbia
Doctor of Philosophy - PhD in Forestry - Sustainable Bioeconomy
2020 – 2024
Dissertation: Developing database and models for evaluating the role of forest biorefineries in achieving a sustainable bioeconomy

*The University of British Columbia
Master's degree in Biology
2018 – 2020
Thesis: Life Cycle Assessment of Nitrogen Efficiency Strategies for the Canadian Egg Industry

*Comparative life cycle assessment of technologies and strategies to improve nitrogen use efficiency in egg supply chains
Nov 14, 2020, Resources, Conservation and Recycling

*Improving nitrogen use efficiency in crop-livestock systems: A review of mitigation technologies and management strategies, and their potential applicability for egg supply chains
Aug 20, 2020, Journal of Cleaner Production

*Comparing sources and analysis of uncertainty in consequential and attributional life cycle assessment: Review of current practice and recommendations
Jul 29, 2019, The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment

Research Interests

Life cycle assessment
Sustainable bioeocnomy
Forest biorefinery
Bioenergies and bioproducts