Bob Paul
E5 Solutions - Advisory Consulting
Victoria, Canada
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Member since Nov 17, 2020
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E5 Solutions is founded by Bob Paul in late 2019. He brings almost 30 years of experience in public policy and program development related to the environment, energy, mining and agricultural innovation. He is knowledgeable about circular economy concepts and its applicability to many areas of the current economy requiring a cleaner transition. Bob has a very good grasp of global waste issues, and is an expert in Extended Producer Responsibility. He believes integrated systems thinking can provide a more holistic approach to help solve global, regional and local environmental and climate change challenges. He advocates for creating a culture of innovative thinking and believes that people have ideas that may lead to the creation of new business models, improve a process or product, or even invent something new. This could provide organizations and businesses opportunity to make financial savings or generate revenue. Bob is interested in working with change makers who wish to influence the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in a Circular Economy. Bob lives in Victoria, BC Canada.


B. Science University of Victoria

Research Interests

Advancing Regional Circular Economies, Extended Producer Responsibility Policy and Programs, Bioeconomy and Blue economy renewable energy and bio nutrient utilization, Waste to Resource, Water and Wastewater System Optimization.
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