Francisco Xavier Felix Martin del Campo
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
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Francisco has a background in Civil Engineering specialized in Resources Management. He received his Master’s degree in Project Management for Environmental and Energy Engineering from IMT Atlantique, and has more than six years of professional experience in the construction and engineering sector. Now he is about to finalize his PhD in Sustainability Management from the University of Waterloo. His research interests are focused on understanding the basics defining the relation society-environment to achieve society's sustainable development, particularly in small island states. He strives to accomplish this through analyzing their resource-use dynamics from a socio-metabolic research perspective.

Martin del Campo, F., Singh, S. J., Fishman, T., Noll, D., Thomas, A., & Drescher, M. (2022). “Can a Small Island Nation Build Resilience? The Significance of Resource-use Patterns and Socio-Metabolic Risks in The Bahamas”. Journal of Industrial Ecology.

Martin del Campo, F., Singh, S.J., Mijts, E. (2022). “The resource (in)sufficiency of the Caribbean: Analyzing socio-metabolic Risks (SMR) of Water, Energy, and Food”. Frontiers in Climate.

Martin del Campo, F., Singh, S. J., Fishman, T., Thomas, A., & Drescher, M. (2022). “Critical infrastructure: A Material Stock Analysis (MSA) for The Bahamas”. Journal of Industrial Ecology.

Research Interests

Islands, Industrial Ecology, Circular Economy, Material stocks and flows analysis, Risk reduction, Climate Change, Infrastructure, Resilience