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Leiden University, CML
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I am currently a PhD candidate in the Circular European Economy Innovative Training Network funded by European Commission under Marie Curie Actions. In this project, I aim to understand the environmental implications of a circular economy transition at macro-level.



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My experience comprises R&D in academic and non-academic organizations regarding multiple subjects, such as bioenergy, resource use and sustainability analysis. I obtained a bachelor degree of chemistry from the University of Costa Rica and a master of sustainability from the University of Sydney, Australia. I worked as production supervisor and researcher in a biodiesel company. In addition, I contributed to bioenergy projects and a climate change adaptation program at the University of Costa Rica.
During my masters studies, I specialized on techniques for sustainability analysis and I developed a project at the Centre for Integrated Sustainability Analysis at the University of Sydney, where I focused on the application of global, multiregional input-output analysis on biodiversity studies.

Research Interests

I am interested in the application of industrial ecology tools to address sustainability issues, and to support decision-makers on taking sustainable alternatives. I am also interested in teaching aspects and how to encourage new generations on having a sustainable lifestyle.

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