Daniela Flor
University of Exeter
Exeter, United Kingdom
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More than 10 years of professional experience working in issues related to environmental management, water resources, climate change and research in both the public and private sectors. In the area of sustainability, I have constructed policies, strategies, and environmental key performance indicators related to Circular Economy, Climate Change and Water Management. Currently I am a professor at USFQ (University San Francisco de Quito) in Mass and Energy Balance, Capstone Project and Fluid Mechanics courses. I have participated in an International Capstone Project with the University of South Alabama, supervising a project. I have experience in research that involves working with multiple stakeholders (such as Government, NGOs, private sector, communities) and modelling social and technical variables using a systems dynamics approach. I am a partner of a consulting firm for 8 years working in the quantification of emissions and removals of GHG in natural ecosystems such as wetlands and also many different industries such as airports, food, banks, among others. Also, I coordinated a research for the quantification of microplastics in rivers, oceans and food in Ecuador.

One of my latest relevant work experiences, is the construction of the Ecuador Carbon Cero Mechanism. This was a project funded by UNDP and GIZ, and I also worked with REDD+, the National Ministry of Environment and Water, FIAS (private fund), NGOs and other relevant stakeholders. This mechanism focuses on engaging the private and public sector, to implement strategies that promote the reduction and removal of GHG emissions through conservation and restauration initiatives. This project involved: policy analysis, NDC reporting analysis, construction of the mechanism, validation of the mechanism with the stakeholders and articulation of the mechanism with the different strategies in the region.

Research Interests

Circular Economy, Urban Metabolism, Climate Change
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