Franco Donati
Leiden University, Institute of Environmental Science CML, Dept. Industrial Ecology
Leiden, Netherlands
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Member since Aug 20, 2018
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Franco Donati is a PhD candidate in industrial ecology at Leiden University Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML). He focuses on data-driven circular economy by developing interactive tools and investigating data collection automation methods. He is motivated by the need to increase data access universally as a way to aid society toward sustainability.

Website contributions from this member

22 Jul 2022 PhD Researcher or Postdoc on Environmental impact assessment of green hydrogen and circular bio-coal from biowaste for steel manufacturing at the Industrial Ecology Department
24 May 2022 Software developer / Scientist, Industrial Ecology (1 fte)
23 Jul 2021 Data wrangler for input‑output based life cycle assessment - 2.-0 LCA consultants
23 Jul 2021 PhD Position - Physical input-output modelling of global supply chain - Aalborg University
23 Jul 2021 PhD Position - Modelling household behaviour and consumption patterns - Aalborg University
23 Jul 2021 PhD Position - Uncertainty of global input-output models for climate footprint - Aalborg University
25 Jun 2020 Summer School on the Assessment of Materials Stocks and Flows | Panorama project | 16 to 18 September 2020