Wu Chen
University of Southern Denmark
Odense, Denmark
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I am currently an assistant professor at SDU Life Cycle Engineering, University of Southern Denmark. I have been working in the field of Material Flow Analysis over the past seven years. My research links socioeconomic metabolism with management science and engineering (my bachelor and master training background) and integrated assessment models. In previous topics, I explore how transport fleet dynamics in sustainable transition scenarios influence metal cycles, energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions.


I have PhD degree in Engineering Science, master degree in Industrial Engineering, and bachelor degree in business administration.

Chen, W., Sun, X., Liu, L., Liu, X., Zhang, R., Zhang, S., Xue, J., Sun, Q., Wang, M., Li, X., et al. (2022). Carbon neutrality of China’s passenger car sector requires coordinated short-term behavioral changes and long-term technological solutions. One Earth 5, 875–891. 10.1016/j.oneear.2022.07.005.

Zeng, A., Chen, W., Rasmussen, K.D., Zhu, X., Lundhaug, M., Müller, D.B., Tan, J., Keiding, J.K., Liu, L., Dai, T., et al. (2022). Battery technology and recycling alone will not save the electric mobility transition from future cobalt shortages. Nature Communications. 13, 1341. 10.1038/s41467-022-29022-z. (equal contribution)

Chen, W., Carstensen, T.A., Wang, R., Derrible, S., Rueda, D.R., Nieuwenhuijsen, M.J., and Liu, G. (2022). Historical patterns and sustainability implications of worldwide bicycle ownership and use. Communications Earth Environment. 3, 171. 10.1038/s43247-022-00497-4.

Chen, W., Liu, Q., Zhang, C., Mi, Z., Zhu, D., and Liu, G. (2020). Characterizing the stocks, flows, and carbon impact of dockless sharing bikes in China. Resources Conservation & Recycling. 162, 105038. 10.1016/j.resconrec.2020.105038.

Research Interests

Material flow analysis,
Sustainable transportation,
Metal cycle,
Material-energy nexus,
circular economy
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14 Jun 2023 Postdoc in circular economy and sustainability assessment