Wei-Qiang Chen
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Xiamen, China
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Member since Oct 23, 2006
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I am currently a research professor leading a group of Industrial and Urban Ecology at the Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is based in Xiamen, China.


2004/08–2010/07 Ph.D., Environmental Science & Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing
2006/09–2006/12 Exchange Student, Venice International University, Venice, Italy
2000/09–2004/07 B.S., Environmental Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing

2015/08–Present Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2013/03–2015/07 Associate Research Scientist, Yale University
2010/06–2013/02 Postdoctoral Associate, Yale University

Native Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Taiwanese
Fluent English

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* Corresponding Author

Research Interests

General: Industrial Ecology and Urban Ecology; Complex System Science; Environmental Economics, Natural Resources Economics, and Ecological Economics; Environmental Policy and Sustainable Resources Management

Specific: Anthropogenic Cycles of Materials, Environmental Consequences of International Trade, Urban Metabolism, Industrial Symbiosis, and Urban Environmental Management
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05 Dec 2017 EHS Special Issue: Industrial Ecology to Enhance Ecosystem Health towards Sustainability
27 Sep 2012 Anthropogenic cycles of the elements: A critical review