Carlos Lopez Morales
El Colegio de México
, Mexico
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I study the use of water from the perspective of economic systems and the urbanization process, with questions about ecological sustainability, technological alternatives, social inequalities, and public policies. I currently focus on developing models to study the economics of treatment, recycling, and reuse of wastewater at the city level. I usually attend conferences of the International Input-Output Association and of the international societies for Industrial Ecology and Ecological Economics.


Carlos Andrés López-Morales
Professor - Researcher
El Colegio de México

Carlos is an economist (from UNAM and CIDE, both in Mexico) and holds a PhD degree in ecological economics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (USA). His doctoral research explored the representation of sustainability conditions of water use into economic models, and currently maintains an inter-regional economic model calibrated for the Mexican economy to distinguish among surface and underground water sources and to analyze flows of virtual water implied by regional patterns of food trade. He is currently a professor and researcher at El Colegio de México, in the Department for Demographic, Urban, and Environmental Studies. His research also contains applied studies on the economic valuation of ecosystem services, with special emphasis on hydrological services. He has been a consultant for the World Bank, the UN’s Environment Programme, and for Mexico’s Ministry for the Environment. He teaches economic theory, economic valuation of ecosystem services, and political economy, both at undergraduate and graduate levels. He has participated in the international conferences of the International Input-Output Association, the International Society for Industrial Ecology, and the International Society for Ecological Economics.

Research Interests

Economic Analysis
Industrial Ecology
Ecological Economics
Input-Output Analysis
Technological Change
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