Prof. Dr.-Ing. Susanne Hartard
Prof. Industrial Ecology, Trier University of Applied Sciences, Environmental Campus Birkenfeld,
Faculty of Environmental Business Economics and Law
University of Applied Sciences Trier, Environmental Campus Birkenfeld
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St. Wendel, Germany
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Member since Mar 27, 2005
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teaching in German: Ökosysteme und Erneuerbare Energie, GreenTech, Stoffstrommanagement, Industrial Ecology, Bioökonomie, Nachhaltige Techniksysteme
teaching in English: Industrial Ecology, Economic Aspects of Sustainable Resources Management, Life Cycle Assessment, Sustainable Technology Solutions: Waste Management and Waste Water Treatment

Research Interests

Circular Economy, Waste Management and Recycling (core background), bioeconomy (Ecological Agricultural Engineer), bionics, Ecological Economics, Sustainable Resources Management