Hiroki Tanikawa
Nagoya University
Nagoya City, Japan
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Member since Jul 27, 2002
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Material Stock and Flow Analysis, 4d-GIS
2022-2023 ISIE Board
2020-2022 SEM Chair
2016-2020 SEM Board
2016 ISIE SEM-AP Nagoya Conference, Chair


Since 1998, the Tanikawa Laboratory in Nagoya University has been estimating and evaluating the weight of human activity, and particularly attempting to elucidate how much material has been used in industrial processes. The physical weight of industrial life is reflected in buildings, roads, cars, furniture, and other durable materials which provide crucial services to our society. This is the material stock of Society, which requires constant inflows of material from the Environment, and produces outflow wastes as well. Reducing the accumulated weight and improving the efficiency of the stock we already have are vital to achieving a more sustainable society.

Research Interests

Material Stock - Flow Analysis
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01 Jan 2021 ISIE-SEM perpetual online conference: Session 6, January 2021
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13 May 2015 First announcement of ISIE SEM Asia-Pacific conference in Nagoya in 2016
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