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Recent study on carbon capture potential and cost of carbon capture technology application in the U.S. refining industry

A recent article in International Journal of GHG Control studied the carbon capture potential and costs of different carbon capture system design strategies for U.S. refineries. 

Yuan Yao, John Marano, William R. Morrow III, Eric Masanet, Quantifying carbon capture potential and co...

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International Report on Eco Friendly Plasticizer Market

This may be of interest to folks:


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Methanol Economy in China: Short-term and Long-term Perspectives

The concept of methanol economy was proposed by the Nobel Prize winner George A. Olah to replace fossil resources with renewable methanol. As the largest methanol producer in the world, China is providing policy supports for methanol fuels and farther down the road to develop a methanol economy. Whe...

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Sustainability assessment of agro-bioenergy systems using energy efficiency indicators

The sustainability of agro-bioenergy systems is dependent on many factors, some local or regional in implementation, some others global in nature. While previous sustainability assessments of agro-bioenergy systems focus on the effects of alternative biomass feedstock (e.g. grass, manure, wood, stra...

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