We are seeking an exceptionally qualified scientist who is both a researcher and teacher in the subject area. The main focus of specialisation is the spatial and temporal dynamics of sustainable development in geographical areas undergoing global changes at the landscape to a regional level.


The position moreover requires that the candidate is qualified in the (further) development of one or more of the following methods of analysis and simulation of social-ecological systems:

(1) spatiotemporal modelling of human-environment interactions and ecosystem processes,

(2) model-based analysis of decision-making processes, including preparation and effects, e.g., using agent-based or agent-oriented approaches, (3) innovative techniques of remote sensing and geospatial data analysis.


Successful candidates will have demonstrated success in acquiring external research funding as well as experience in internationally networked research collaboration, including joint projects. They are also expected to possess a high degree of readiness with regard to initiating interdisciplinary research projects.


The focus of the teaching assignments will depend on the candidate’s competency profile in relation to his or her environment-related bachelor or master studies at the University of Kassel.


The professorship is tied to the scientific director of the Center for Environmental Systems Research (CESR) at the University of Kassel. Additional information on CESR and the abovementioned professorship can be found at http://www.uni-kassel.de/go/dynamik.


The employment and performance requirements apply pursuant to §§ 61, 62 of the Higher Education Act of Hessen. The candidate is expected to have completed his or her habilitation or attained the equivalent in scientific achievements.



For further information, please contact Prof. Dr. Andreas Ernst, Tel.: 0561/804-6113, -6110, E-Mail: ernst@usf.uni-kassel.de.


On the job market

Some industrial ecology candidates that are on the job market...

  • Rene Van Berkel
    United Nations Industrial Development Organisation
  • Sophia Igdalov
    Department of Environmental Studies, the Porter School of the Environment and Earth Sciences, Tel Aviv University
  • Tazrin Ahmed
    Norwegian University of Science and Technology
    Green School, Korea University-Korea Institute of Science and Technology (GETPPP)
  • Oleksandr Galychyn
    Parthenope University of Naples
All candidates