Faraday Institution Studentships: Research in the Area of the Recycling and Circular Economy of Automotive Batteries. 

Newcastle University is offering a number of three-year studentships commencing Autumn 2018 funded by the flagship UK Faraday Institution and Newcastle University. These studentships are part of an exciting national project collaborating with a number of other universities and companies focused on the recycling of lithium batteries: UK fees are covered as well as a generous stipend of £18,000 to £20,000 per annum, commensurate with age and experience. As part of the research project the successful candidates will participate in a national training network and will have the opportunity to take placements in collaborating companies. 

Newcastle University, Simon Lambert and Neal Wade (Electrical Engineering), Oliver Heidrich (Civil Engineering) and Paul Christensen (Chemical Engineering), will play a major role in developing novel and reliable techniques and management systems for the Recycling and Reuse of lithium ion batteries (ReLiB) from Electric cars. ReLiB is led by the University of Birmingham, with seven more academic institutions and 14 industrial partners closely collaborating to investigate how we can achieve a recycle 100% of the materials contained in lithium ion batteries from the automotive sector. The consortium will tackle some of the most demanding technical challenges in sensing, gateway testing, robotic sorting, re-use and recycling. The developed processes will be quantitatively assessed by specialists in lifecycle, technical and economic assessment. New business models and regulatory frameworks will be examined in conjunction with the complete, full-cycle value chain.

if you are interested get in touch with Oliver or visit: https://www.ncl.ac.uk/postgraduate/funding/sources/ukeustudents/eng030.html

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