Research support technician

The objective of the BIDEKO project (PLEC2021-007801) is to develop a new generation of small-scale primary batteries that are still capable of satisfying the energy needs of future electronic devices in a sustainable way.
The project will focus on the development of battery models based on circular economy and sustainability principles.
The specific functions to be performed are: 
• Propose battery prototypes using the principles of Ecodesign
• Create life cycle inventories of various battery-related materials • Develop battery life cycle assessments and their related materials 
• Attend meetings and/or training sessions related to the active projects Use of the group i/o relevant to the functions of the work area. 
• Prepare reports and other documents necessary in the project of the research group 
• Write review articles between peers with the main conclusions 
• Participate in the dissemination of scientific activity in their field of work, if needed
• Work in a coordinated manner between them.
You can learn more about the project at:
You'll join the consolidated research group in the area of industrial ecology Sostenipra.  You can check out our activities in our twitter account.
Gross salary: 27,089€ plus Campus plus and other complements
Dedication: 28h per week
Location: ICTA-UAB (Barcelona)
Academic record – 20
- Maximum if you have the degree and final thesis within the project objective;
- 50% if you have the degree in the field of study of the requested field;
- 25% for the grades of the subjects/subjects related to the project
Other requirements – 60
- Master's in Environmental Studies, Energy and Sustainability, or equivalent - 20;
- Experience in the use of software for life cycle analysis and environmental impact methodologies - 20;
- Experience in industrial process data management and inventory generation - 20
Interview – 20
Only those candidates who have reached 40 points will be eligible to pass a test that includes an exam on knowledge of life cycle analysis and environmental assessment software
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  • Application deadline: Aug 30, 2023
  • Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
  • Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA)
  • Bellaterra, Barcelona
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