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Environmentally Extended Input Output Section
Topic Last message
EEIO Section meeting at ISIE2019 conference on Tuesday 9th July 2019, 16:30, room 5105 Jul 08, 2019 by Wesley Ingwersen
New Article in Global Environmental Change by Mo Li, Thomas Wiedmann and Michalis Hadjikakou! Jan 21, 2019 by Mo Li
Sustainability Assessment of Cities - PhD Position at UNSW Sydney Jan 20, 2019 by Thomas Wiedmann
Recent Publication on Hybrid LCA Jan 02, 2019 by Man(dy) Yu
Call for speakers for Special Session on 'Planetary Boundaries and IIOA" at 2019 IIOA conference Nov 26, 2018 by Mo Li
Asking for feedback on RaMa-SCENE a webplatform to analyse EXIOBASE v3.3 and create scenario Nov 23, 2018 by Franco Donati
EEIO Special Sessions at 2019 conferences Dec 06, 2018 by Thomas Wiedmann

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