Call for Abstracts: World Sustainable Built Environment 2023

Benjamin Goldstein

Hi All, 

Just passing along a note from my colleagues who are organizing WSBE23. Some of the topics and methods will certainly be relevant to the ISIE crowd. A quick scan of the WSBE23 website reveals that there will be sessions on urban metabolism, energy, material, and resource flows, and circular economy.




From my colleagues:

We are looking for all forms of participation (papers, posters, industry exhibits, roundtables) in the World Sustainable Built Environment 2023 conference to be held in September 2023 in Montreal, Canada. The abstract submission process is not arduous (max 300 word abstract, one image) and I apologize for the relatively short notice (submission closes on Dec 5). We are looking for a good blend of academic/practice/industry/government/institutional for all presentation sessions, roundtables, action sessions, and exhibitors. 


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