2019 - Resilient and Responsible Architecture and Urbanism (RRAU)

"Resilience in architecture is the design and planning of adaptive cities to sustain a life that is suitable to users providing them with an improved quality of life. In a word, Architecture carries the responsibility of making a city more flexible and resilient.

Highlighting the role of architecture and urbanism in making our cities more resilient and sustainable. This is a summary of the scope of a series of international conferences on Resilient and Responsible Architecture and Urbanism.

Conference Topics

  1. Ramping Up Net Energy Zero Buildings
  2. Zero Energy Buildings & Zero Carbon Emissions
  3. Energy Efficient Urban Areas
  4. Energy & Resource Cycle
  5. Resilient Architecture
  6. Water Management As Part Of The Built Environment
  7. Design For Change: The Resilient City
  8. Maintenance Of The City
  9. Building Resilient Environments
  10. Renewable Energy Sources
  11. Sustainability And Resilience In The New World
  12. Architectural And Urban Challenges
  13. Sustainable Economy And Well-being
  14. Adaptive Landscapes: Risk, Ecology, And Education
  15. Resilient Infrastructure
  16. Green Initiatives And Sustainable Urbanism
  17. Meeting The Demands Of The City
  18. Adaptation And Resilience In Natural Disasters
  19. Climate Change & Global Challenges
  20. Risk Management And Mitigation
  21. All Other Topics Related To The Scope And Real Case Studies"

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