ISIE Student Virtual Networking event, December 15-16th 2020

Continuing with the success of our three previous Virtual Networking events during the last two years, we want to keep going and have one more event before this (quite unusual) year is over! 

Therefore, the ISIE-SC is hosting the fourth Virtual Networking event this December! We are excited to again connect fellow students & post-docs who are engaged in important and interesting research around the globe. As we have been noticing in the past events, great benefits come with people sharing their own knowledge with each other. Using pre-arranged Zoom (or other if preferred) conversations, will be similar to striking up brief and interesting conversations at a conference cocktail hour. To participate, please fill out the registration form with your time availability! (Deadline Dec 4th!). 

Please, bear in mind that a special session will take place on the 16th at 12:00 CET where you’ll be able to hear about the ISIE and its Student Chapter.

After receiving your "willingness to participate" in our timetable, we will send the participants a form to collect research interests and (if possible) researcher(s) preferences to connect with. Then, we will schedule meetings with up to 5 matching researchers. The calls will last 15 minutes, with 5-minute breaks in between. Plan on spending 3 minutes to introduce your work, 3 minutes to hear about their work, and the last 5 minutes to discuss opportunities for further collaborations. 

At the end of registration, the coordinators will email you a custom conversation schedule, and provide email addresses for you to connect (or for us to connect you instead). We will attempt to consolidate the conversations to keep your schedule compact! Throughout the Virtual Networking event, ISIE-SC coordinators will be available by email to troubleshoot and offer advice! 

Thank you -- have a great time virtual networking!

ISIE Student Chapter Board