2010 ISIE Asia Pacific Meeting & ISIE MFA-ConAccount Meeting

ISIE Asia-Pacific Meeting (7-8 November 2010) and ISIE MFA-ConAccount Meeting (8-9 November 2010) are jointly organized. Background and purpose of the two meetings are as follows.

ISIE Asia-Pacific Meeting

Background and purpose

An Industrial ecology approach will become more and more important in the Asia-Pacific region where further economic development is expected. The purpose of this meeting is to activate and strengthen ISIE activities in the Asia-Pacific region. The first "Asia-Pacific workshop on industrial ecology" was held in Kawasaki, Japan in 2008. This is the second meeting organized by ISIE, focusing on the Asia-Pacific region.

Main theme: Strengthening industrial ecology for the Asia-Pacific region

The growing Asia-Pacific region would be a good field for applying industrial ecology concepts and tools and for examining their effectiveness and weakness. We encourage you to submit industrial ecology studies that focus on the Asia-Pacific region or those whose authors are from the Asia-Pacific region.


ISIE MFA-ConAccount Meeting

Background and purpose

ConAccount has been a network of institutions and researchers working on Material Flow Accounting/Analysis (MFA) mainly in Europe since 1996. Based on this community, the MFA-ConAccount section was established under ISIE in 2008. The purpose of this section is to develop material flow analysis internationally in academia and to promote its application in policy and businesses. This is the first MFA section meeting under ISIE and the first ConAccount meeting outside of Europe.



Main theme: MFA for sustainable future

MFA has been an important tool in understanding our society's metabolism and in exploring implications for improving our systems. Recently more attention has been paid to scenario-based analyses in discussing our future. We encourage you to submit future-oriented MFA studies that contribute to the development of our sustainable future.