2010 Industrial Symbiosis Research Symposium

The International Society for Industrial Ecology – Industrial Symbiosis/Eco-Industrial Development Section (IS/EIDC) will hold the Industrial Symbiosis and Eco-Industrial Development Symposium 2010 in Kawasaki, Japan. The symposium is the 7th Annual Industrial Symbiosis Research Symposium, inheriting the abundant knowledge, networks and histories of the Industrial Symbiosis Symposia initiated by the Center for Industrial Ecology at Yale University’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Researchers and experts from all over the world will discuss and exchange their experiences with industrial symbiosis, eco-industrial development and related topics, particularly focusing on their applications for growing Asia-Pacific countries and cities and associated symbiotic co-benefits.

For registration and more information, please visit: http://www.iseid2010.com

AGENDA (tentative)  7th Annual Industrial Symbiosis Research Symposium

November 4th (Thu)

18:00-            Reception Party

(Kawasaki is 30 min. from Tokyo and 80 min. from the Tokyo Intl. Airport)

November 5th (Fri)  @ Kawasaki City Industrial Promotion Center

9:00-12:30  Session 1; Information Sharing and Ice Breaking

Chair: Peter Lowitt

Welcome Remarks by Mayor’s Advisor for Kawasaki City, Mr. Saburo Kato

Round Table Discussion by all the Participants 4min.per person; 60 min.

Introduction of IS/EIDs Backgrounds of Voluntary Participants (Approximately 15 experts)

Discussion  30min.

Short Presentations for Accomplishments, Challenges and Ambitions for World EIDs

12min. per person ; 60 min.

Prof. Marian Chertow, Industrial Symbiosis, the Present and Future (tentative)

Prof. Hung-Sunk Park, Development of EIDs in Korea and the Future (tentative)

Prof. Lei Shi Circular Economy Promotion in China (tentative)

Prof. Tsuyoshi Fujita; Development of Platform Network of IS and IE in Asia Pacific Region  (tentative)

Interactive discussion 50 min.

12:30-13:30  Lunch and Discussion

Talk and Discussion over Japanese style lunch box in the symposium venue

13:30- Field Trip to Kawasaki Eco-town Facilities

Sanei Regulator ;Comprehensive Paper Recycle Mill Plant

JFE Engineering; Pet-bottle recycling facilities

16:00-17:30  Session 2; Interactive Discussion on Advantages-disadvantages of Kawasaki Eco-town

Q&As, Exchanges and Information exchange with Kawasaki Local Experts

Chair; Prof. Tsuyoshi Fujita

Kawasaki Government Official; Director Mr. Ito (tentative)

JFE Engineer Director Mr. Oshita

Officials of Ministry of Environment Japan, Mr. Nitta (tentative)

18:30- Reception Dinner


November 6th (Sat.) @ Kawasaki City Industrial Promotion Center

9:00- 11:00 Session 3; Panel Discussion over Local Endeavors and Global Lessons

Chair; Guillaume Massard (TBD)..

Key Comments by the Volunteering Experts (1-2 slides per person). (TBD)

Prof. Matsumoto

Prof. Geng Yong

Prof. Sangwon Suh

Prof. Goto

Prof. Shi Han

Prof. Anthony Chiu


11:00-13:00 Session 4; Small Group Discussion Extended IS for the Sustainable Cities and Regions

Chair; Marian Chertow

Tsuyoshi Fujita

Small discussion in Four Topics (TBD)

1) IS and Cities

2) Tools and Methods for  IS and Urban Metabolism

3) Eco towns and EID for Further Policy Proposals

4) International Platform and Network

12:30-13:30 Discussion over Lunch Box

13:30-15:00 Session 5; Wrap-up Discussion

Disassemble and Group Move to ISIE AP in Tokyo



Discussion with local experts would be translated from Japanese