2012 ISIE Asia Pacific Meeting

The Third ISIE Asia-Pacific Meeting will be held in Tsinghua University, Beijing, China on October 20–21, 2012, after the first meeting in Kawasaki, 2008 and the second in Tokyo, 2010. A joint ISIE EID-ConAccount Meeting will be carried out at the same time. On October 19 right before the Meeting, the 9th Annual Industrial Symbiosis Research Symposium will take place in Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA), about 150 km southeast to Beijing.

Asia-Pacific has undergone unique and remarkable economic and social changes for decades. Meanwhile, unprecedentedly significant and complicated challenges, particularly resource and environmental constraints, are to be overcome in the region, rendering a perfect opportunity for the development of industrial ecology and its applications. For scientists, engineers, managers, decision makers, and young professionals and students who are interested in the region’s latest eco-industrial development, the ISIE Asia-Pacific Meeting series provides an open, synergetic, and multidisciplinary platform. Its main objective is to cultivate and strengthen communication, collaboration, and network among the various groups.