2012 MFA ConAccount Conference

Socio-economic metabolism 

We invite you to join us at the MFA-ConAccount Sceciton Conference 2012 in Darmstadt (Germany) from 26.-28 September 2012.

Themes of the conference are:

  1. Methodological advances, modeling and IT applications
  2. Urban metabolism and urban mining
  3. MFA – waste – recycling management
  4. Linking socio-economic metabolism and climate change
  5. Critical minerals
  6. Operating materials flow management
  7. National accounting and input-output-analysis
  8. Inter- and transdisciplinarity
  9. Measuring and modeling material flows embodied in international trade

Authors are invited to submit abstracts for platform and poster presentations: www.mfa2012.tu-darmstadt.de

*** The conference ***

Background and purpose

The International Society of Industrial Ecology (ISIE) is a research community delivering interdisciplinary research on policy relevant questions that address both industrial systems and the environment. The MFA ConAccount Section of ISIE provides a community of practice for socio-economic metabolism research and enables such research.

The main theme

We invite researchers and practitioners to a meeting discussing advancement of methods for analyzing the dynamics of physical interactions between socio-economic-environment systems and their drivers on multiple scales, as well as applying those methods on issues of strategic relevance for governments, industry and societal stakeholders.

Conference location

The conference location is the Technical University Darmstadt, one of Germany‘s top-three technical universities. The university is situated in the city of Darmstadt, which is located in the heart of Germany, just 30km away from the metropolis Frankfurt/Main and just 20 minutes from the international airport Frankfurt/Rhein-Main. 

*** Contact and Information ***