2016 Joint 12th (ISIE) Socio-Economic Metabolism & 5th Asia-Pacific Conference

The Joint Socio-Economic Metabolism conference and Asia-Pacific conference of the International Society for Industrial Ecology was held in Nagoya University, Japan, 28-30 September 2016, with extra excursions and student events on 27 September and 1 October.

Nagoya, Japan's third biggest metropolitan area, is located in the center of Japan between Tokyo and Kyoto. It was historically a major Samurai castle town and is today a center of industry and business, boasting many ancient and modern tourist attractions, multitudes of accommodation options, and high accessibility by bullet train from all of Japan's major airports. 

Founded in 1871, Nagoya University is one of Japan’s leading universities. The conference venue has convenient access by subway to the city center and major transportation hubs.