International Industrial Ecology Day 2021

Panel discussion on the Future of Artificial Intelligence in the Context of Industrial Ecology

Time slot: Jun 21, 2021 — 07:00-09:00 (UTC Change)
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The panel discussion seeks to collect the views of 4 experts on current and long-term application and implications of AI and data science for the field of industrial Ecology and sustainability.

• Jillian Campbell, Head of Monitoring, Review and Reporting UN Convention on Biological Diversity
• Gang Liu, Professor, University of Southern Denmark Department of Green Technology (IGT)
• Rohit Nishant, Associate Professor , Université Laval - Department of Management Information Systems
• Andreas Frömelt, Senior Researcher at ETH Zurich - Department of Ecological Systems Design

Session program:

  • Minute 0-5: Welcome by session chair and introduction to topic:
  • Minute 5-25: Envisioning AI and digitalization in relation to Industrial Ecology and Sustainability
  • Minute 25-40: Expected benefits of AI and digital technologies
  • Minute 40-60: Practical implementation of AI and digital technologies
  • Minute 60-75: Challenges, risks and drawbacks in implementation
  • Minute 75-90: Q&A
  • Minute 90-95: Panelists closing statement/take home message
  • Minute 95-100: Final remarks and closing
  • Minute 100-120: Break

Organizers and session chairs:

Franco Donati (chair) and Chen Li (Leiden University, Institute of Environmental Science CML), Sebastien Dente and Xaysackda Vilaysouk (Ritsumeikan University, Department of Environmental Systems Engineering)

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