International Industrial Ecology Day 2021

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in the Context of Industrial Ecology: Abstract presentations

Time slot: Jun 21, 2021 — 05:15-07:00 (UTC Change)
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The session seeks to present the latest application of AI in the field of industrial ecology. The presentations are diverse and cover different aspects of sustainability such as the benefits of using AI in sustainability assessment by also the ethics and potential environmental costs associated.

Session program:

  • Minute 0-5: Welcome by session chair and introduction to topic:
  • Minute 5-20: “Estimation of Unit Process Data for Life Cycle Assessment Using Machine Learning Approach”, by Bu Zhao, University of Michigan
  • Minute 20-35: “Pitfalls of the Widespread Use of Artificial Intelligence for Climate”, Thomas Chen, Academy for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering
  • Minute 35-50: “From Principles to Practices: Building an AI Governance Ecosystem”, by dr. Ema Arisa, University of Tokyo/Japan Deep Learning Association/RIKEN AIP Center
  • Minute 50-65: “Application of Digital Technologies for Circular and Sustainable Product Management”, by Magdalena Rusch, University of Graz
  • Minute 65-80: “Automating LCI compilation using CAx and AI techniques: a systematic review”, by Franco Donati, Leiden University
  • Minute 80-95: Urban forestry science”, Iacopo Testi, RHEA group/Urban AI
  • Minute 95-100: Final remarks and closing


Sebastien Dente (chair) and Xaysackda Vilaysouk (Ritsumeikan University, Department of Environmental Systems Engineering)

Franco Donati and Chen Li (Leiden University, Institute of Environmental Science CML)

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Pitfalls of the Widespread Use of Artificial Intelligence for Climate
Automating LCI compilation using CAx and AI techniques: a systematic review

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