International Industrial Ecology Day 2021

Section Info: Socio-Economic Metabolism (SEM)

Welcome to the Socio-Economic Metabolism (SEM) Section! The section board has prepared some material for display during the IE day. Our section platform will keep you up-to-date on new developments, events and research within socio-economic metablism.

News from the board

  • Many SEM-related sessions during the IE Day! There are numerous contributions from our community to the IE Day, featuring research on the stock-flow-service nexus, community modelling in MFA, urban metabolism, waste management, circularity of the built enviroment, or the material base for carbon neutrality. Check out these great contributions!

  • Socioeconomic Metabolism perpetual online conference: Due to current circumstances and uncertainties around Covid-19, the ISIE-SEM section has started a monthly series of online sessions to allow exchange in our community even when physical conferences are not possible. Online sessions follow regular session formats – 1.5 h duration, a common theme, 3-4 speakers presenting their research, and time for discussion. Sessions are open – and free – to attend, broadcast live and recorded for later viewing on the ISIE youtube channel. They are scheduled once per month (for now) in alternating hours to accommodate members’ different time zones. More info on

  • New Guidelines for Data Modeling and Data Integration for Material Flow Analysis. Material flow analysis (MFA) is booming. A large number of datasets are being compiled and produced as part of MFA research, but many of them are not available or cumbersome to extract — either because of their format (e.g., pdf), or because they lack systems context. Researchers often have to spend too much time searching for, formatting and interpreting data sets, which means that valuable time is lost in evaluation, quality control, uncertainty analysis and documentation of their own data products. As part of its mission, the SEM Section Board has compiled the first Guidelines for Data Modeling and Data Integration for Material Flow Analysis and Socio-Metabolic Research. The document is self-explaining and not too long! It should be a standard reference for all who are in the process of publishing, documenting, or archiving MFA research. More info on