International Industrial Ecology Day 2021

IE Day Committee

Organizing Committee

Anna Petit-Boix and Stefan Pauliuk

Asia-Pacific Regional Committee:
- Tim Baynes
- Haibo Feng
- Zhi Cao

Africa-Europe Regional Committee:
- Edgar Hertwich
- Dominik Wiedenhofer
- Maud Lanau
- Zhi Cao
(Support: Stefan Pauliuk)

Americas Regional Committee:
- Sila Temizel Sekeryan
- Jonathan Krones
- Bart van Hoof
- John Telesford

Digital Committee:
- Paul Hoekman
- Peter Berrill
- Aishwarya Iyer
- Kavya Madhu
(Support: Anna Petit-Boix)

Other Contributions:
- Sónia Cunha (logo and IE Day world map design)