Calls for Papers and Proposals

Date Title
Mar 15, 2023 The 26th International Symposium “Environment and Industry” 27 – 29 SEPTEMBER 2023, Bucharest, Romania
Jan 06, 2023 ISSST 2023 call for contributions
Aug 05, 2022 Call for papers — Urban Management: Developing Sustainable, Resilient, and Equitable Cities
Aug 02, 2022 Call for Papers: "Uncovering the Historical Evidence and Events of Circular Economy"
Feb 03, 2022 Call for Papers for a Special Issue: How can industrial symbiosis contribute to the circular economy?
Jan 16, 2022 ISSST 2022 Call for Contributions
Dec 14, 2021 NEW session at EGU2022 (hybrid, Vienna): Energy and materials demand in the context of climate change and other environmental burdens
Dec 10, 2021 Special Issue "Industrial Ecology Strategies: Environmental Impact and Life Cycle Assessment" in Sustainability
Dec 02, 2021 Data Perceptualization for Climate Science Communication
Nov 14, 2021 Special Issue "AI-aided Carbon Engineering in the AEC Industry" - Buildings
Sep 21, 2021 Proposal Request on Indirect Energy and Environmental Impacts of the Digital Economy
Sep 11, 2021 "Sustainable Planning and Life-Cycle Thinking of Energy Infrastructure" in "Sustainable Energy Systems and Policies" Section of "Frontiers in Energy Research" Journal
Aug 02, 2021 2nd call for papers: Special issue of the JIE on Industrial Ecology for the Ocean
Jun 29, 2021 Special Issue "Sustainable Buildings: Advances for Material Efficiency and Circular Economy in the Built Environment"
Feb 10, 2021 Call for session proposals to all ISIE members – Industrial Ecology Day June 21, 2021
Feb 10, 2021 Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment for Sustainable Development Goals Special Issue in the Journal of Industrial Ecology
Dec 01, 2020 Economic, Environmental and Social Assessment of Raw Materials for a Green and Resilient Economy
Nov 12, 2020 Special Issue in JIE about Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment for Sustainable Development Goals
Oct 20, 2020 Call for Papers on Transformations from Global Sustainability
Sep 03, 2020 Call for Papers "Economic, Environmental, and Social Assessments of Raw Materials for a Green and Resilient Economy"
Sep 03, 2020 Call for Papers "Commodity Markets and Resource Management"
Jun 23, 2020 Call for Papers "Life Cycle Thinking, Sustainability and Circular Economy: Practical Applications and Future Challenges"
Mar 08, 2020 Call for Papers: 7th International Society for Industrial Ecology – Asia Pacific Conference
Feb 13, 2020 Call for Expressions of Interest - Digital Panel Discussions
Feb 11, 2020 EcoBalance 2020 (Sep 2020 @ Sendai, Japan) Call for abstracts
Jan 30, 2020 Actionable Science for Urban Sustainability (AScUS) 2020 – June 3-5 in Segovia (Spain)
Jan 24, 2020 Call for papers for EEIO section meeting at EcoBalance 2020 in Japan
Jan 15, 2020 Electronics Goes Green 2020+ Call for Contributions
Jan 15, 2020 Product Lifetimes & the Environment
Dec 17, 2019 Call for Papers: Data Innovation in Industrial Ecology
Nov 14, 2019 Special Issue "Unconventional Resources and Sustainability"
Nov 13, 2019 Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Conference 2020, Freiburg (Germany)
Oct 22, 2019 IISE Sustainable Development track - abstracts due November 8
Oct 01, 2019 Call for Papers for a Special Issue of Environmental Impact Assessment Review: “Environmental Assessment and Industrial Ecology Tools: Exploring Integrative Approaches”
Sep 24, 2019 Dresden Nexus Conference 2020 (DNC 2020)
Sep 24, 2019 Dresden Nexus Conference 2020 (DNC2020)
Jun 17, 2019 Call for Papers: Material Efficiency for Climate Change Mitigation
Jun 10, 2019 Special Issue in Sustainability journal on “Applications of Urban Metabolism and the Progress towards Sustainable Cities”
May 28, 2019 Calla for Papers - “Paradigms, Models, Scenarios and Practices for strong sustainability” (4-6 December 2019) - University of Clermont Auvergne (France)
Feb 05, 2019 Transformations 2019: Learning from Transformative Action and Thinking
Jan 29, 2019 Call for Papers - Open Communication of Methods, Data, and Results in sustainability science
Jan 10, 2019 11th Annual ARCS Research Conference - Call for Papers
Jan 04, 2019 CIGOS 2019 – Innovation for Sustainable Infrastructure
Dec 12, 2018 Special Issue in RCR on Sustainable Healthcare (deadline extended end of 2019!)
Dec 04, 2018 Socio-Economic Metabolism Section Conference Call for Abstracts
Dec 01, 2018 9th International Conference on Life Cycle Management "Towards Sustainable Future. Current Challenges and Prospects in LCM " Call for Abstracts
Nov 19, 2018 Call for Papers for the 19th European Round table for Sustainable Consumption and Production
Nov 14, 2018 Call for Papers for the Special Issue "Industrial Ecology and Innovation"
Oct 19, 2018 ISIE biannual conference, 7-11 July 2019
Oct 12, 2018 Virtual Special issue (VSI) on Urban Sustainability with the Journal Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
Jun 22, 2018 Special Issue on "Sustainable Sourcing of Materials Required for a Resource Efficient and Low-carbon Society"
Apr 09, 2018 Call for Papers - Urban metabolism in Transition
Feb 02, 2018 Call for Papers: Industrial Ecology for Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience
Jan 23, 2018 Resources for Future Generations 2018 Abstract deadline extended
Jan 11, 2018 APPAM 2018 International Conference: Public Policy for Sustainable Metropolitan Development
Dec 18, 2017 Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability Annual Conference -- Call for Papers
Dec 05, 2017 EHS Special Issue: Industrial Ecology to Enhance Ecosystem Health towards Sustainability
Oct 11, 2017 Call for Papers: Special Issue of Production and Operations Management on Innovations and Sustainability
Oct 11, 2017 Special Issue "Toward Sustainability: Supply Chain Collaboration and Governance"
Oct 09, 2017 2018 – City and Technology. IIHS Annual Research Conference.
Sep 27, 2017 2018 – IPCC Cities Conference. Cities and Climate Change: Fostering new scientific knowledge for cities based on science, practice and policy.
Sep 08, 2017 The 3rd EAEPE Research Area [X] ’Networks’ Workshop
Sep 07, 2017 Call for Papers of VSI: Eco-industrial development around the globe: recent progress and continuing challenges
Aug 18, 2017 Reminder: Journal of Economic Structures - special issue outlet for EEIO research
Aug 18, 2017 Call for Papers of Virtual Special Issue: Sustainable Management of Natural Resources toward Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Jul 18, 2017 2018 Industrial Ecology Gordon Research Conference - The role of Industrial Ecology in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals
Jul 03, 2017 Symbiosis User Network Conference 25 October 2017
Jun 20, 2017 Journal of Economic Structures - special issue outlet for EEIO research
Feb 16, 2016 Call for Abstracts: The ISIE Americas Meetings 2016
Feb 16, 2016 Call for Applications: 2016 Industrial Ecology Gordon Research Conference