Product Lifetimes & the Environment

We are delighted to announce that the 4th Conference on Product Lifetimes and the Environment (PLATE) will take place in Limerick, Ireland from 26 – 28 May 2021. PLATE 2021 will continue in the tradition of the previous events in creating a multi-disciplinary forum for researchers, practitioners and educators who are passionate in understanding and reacting to the influence of product lifetimes on the environment.

This is truly a fascinating time to be working on this topic. The European Green Deal is promising to adopt an industrial strategy that will intensify the focus on product lifetimes. The resource-intensive sectors of electronics, textiles, construction and plastics are the subject of particular interest in the pursuit of the circular and carbon neutral economy. Business models based on usage rather than ownership are promised to shift consumption away from short lived products.

These are exciting developments as we transition from concepts and experiment to the mainstream but there is much more that we need to understand on this journey. PLATE brings together the full mix of disciplines, including design, engineering, marketing, geography, environmental science, economics, law, social and behavioural sciences with the common touch-point of the product lifetime at the centre of all conversations.

This is the foremost global event in the field and we promise to deliver an outstanding technical and social programme here on the beautiful west coast of Ireland. We invite you to join us in Limerick to develop your networks, broaden your horizons, disseminate your research findings and share your passion in understanding how the product lifetimes agenda should be advanced in the coming years.