Transformations 2019: Learning from Transformative Action and Thinking

Sustainable Urban Systems


March 3, 2019: Submission Deadline

April 17, 2019: Notification of Acceptance

June 28, 2019: Registration for authors of accepted abstracts and proposals


The complete information about the Call for Abstract can be found HERE


“Transformations 2019 aims to provide a platform for reciprocal learning between less and more developed contexts, and between researchers and practitioners, in order to enhance both practice and theory to support transformative changes for addressing climate change and other contemporary societal and environmental challenges.”

The main THEMES of the Transformations 2019 Conference are:

  • Philosophy and framing of transformation in science
  • Learning from transformational stories and narratives
  • Learning from each other: integrating different knowledge and thinking for transformation
  • Agents of transformation: who, why, how and what
  • Transformation for navigating complexity and uncertainty
  • Transformation and disaster risk


The session types have been designed to promote and encourage conversations that focus on learning across theory and practice. Submit your Abstract for any of these session types!

  1. Oral presentations: individuals or sessions
  2. Poster presentations
  3. Video presentations
  4. T-practice: transformative practice sessions
  5. Transaction: pre-conference one-day transformation workshops