Call for Papers: Industrial Ecology for Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience

The Journal of Industrial Ecology is pleased to announce a call for papers for a special issue "Industrial Ecology for Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience." For the full call for papers, please go to

Earth systems changes resulting from climate change are expected to occur with greater volatility and unpredictability in the future, raising serious questions about how our societies, infrastructure, economies, resources, and overall well-being will be affected, and most importantly, can be prepared. Systems research on climate change adaptation and resilience is in its nascent stages and is just beginning to reveal the challenges of preparing the planet. These challenges are often complex and interdisciplinary, dimensions where industrial ecology has provided valuable insight in the past.

Manuscripts are invited that directly apply industrial ecology concepts, tools, and findings to understand and manage climate change impacts on people, cities, infrastructure, societies, economies, and ecosystems. Papers engaging industrial ecology’s various subfields such as life cycle assessment, environmentally-extended input-output analysis, material flow analysis, industrial symbiosis, and the circular economy are especially welcome.  We also encourage the submission of high quality case studies of specific hazards, technologies, locations, sectors and impacts related to adaptation and resilience from an industrial ecology perspective.

Extended abstracts of no more than 1,000 words and one figure or table should be submitted by email as a PDF file attachment by April 1, 2018 to At that time the editorial team will review the extended abstracts and provide a recommendation approximately one month later as to the suitability of the proposed submission for the special issue.  The deadline for submission of full manuscripts is August 1, 2018.

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Special Issue Editors

Mikhail Chester, Special Issue Managing Editor, Arizona State University

Tim Baynes, Australian National University

Bhavik Bakshi, Ohio State University

Lynette Cheah, Singapore University of Technology and Design

Sybil Derrible, University of Illinois Chicago

Matt Eckelman, Northeastern University

Oliver Heidrich, Newcastle University

Beibei Liu, Nanjing University

Costa Samaras, Carnegie Mellon University