2018 – City and Technology. IIHS Annual Research Conference.

Sustainable Urban Systems


November 10, 2017: Submission Deadline

November 30, 2017: Notification of Acceptance

The complete information about the Call for Proposal can be found HERE


The call for sessions emphasizes the wide-ranging nature of both “city” and “technology”. The conference aims to use diverse disciplinary and methodological lenses to re-examine, re-imagine, and re-situate our understandings of these terms.

Submit panel proposals that engage with the role of technology in urban transformation, and in doing so, De/Re-center technology in the evolution of the City.

Some possible threads of inquiry are:

  • Social and cultural transformations in the city driven by technology
  • History and historiographies of the ‘technological city’
  • Media/communication and representations in/of the city
  • Data and the city
  • Methods and methodologies of understanding technology and the city
  • Architecture/Design/Planning and the city
  • Technology policy and the city
  • Lived experiences at the intersections of the city and technology
  • Alternate technological spaces created outside of plan and policy

 While the constituent papers will address the intersection of City and Technology from various disciplinary spaces, the emphasis of the conference will be on cross-disciplinary and inter-sectoral approaches. The length of each panel/session will be 90 minutes with 4-5 papers and will have a designated scholar who will frame the panel and serve as chair.

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