Call for papers – SEED Conference – Game-based Learning for Sustainability in Management Education (GAME-SME)

Dear Members,

Within the framework of the International Conference on Sustainability Energy Education (July 3-5, 2024, Valencia), the worskshop titled "Game-based Learning for Sustainability in Management Education" is being organized.

This workshop aims to provide an interactive platform for participants to share and discuss research findings, pedagogical strategies, and practical experiences in utilizing business games as tools for teaching sustainability principles in management courses. The primary objective is to explore the intersection of two dynamic streams of research and educational trends: the utilization of learning/experimental games and the incorporation of sustainability themes in management education. We invite contributions that explore the design, implementation, and outcomes of business games specifically tailored to teach sustainability concepts (e.g., circular economy, industrial symbiosis, life-cycle assessment, energy efficiency, transport decarbonization, etc.). Furthermore, it would be compelling to collect teaching initiatives across diverse education levels, encompassing high school, university and PhD programs, as well as executive masters. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: examination of diverse pedagogical strategies employed in business games to foster a comprehensive understanding of sustainability issues among students; empirical studies evaluating the impact of business games on learning outcomes, sustainability knowledge retention, and the development of managerial skills; exploration of the interdisciplinary connections between business games, sustainability, and management education, highlighting the potential for cross-disciplinary collaboration; examination of how technology, including simulation platforms and virtual environments, can enhance the effectiveness of business games in teaching sustainability within management education; in-depth case studies illustrating successful implementations of business games that have significantly contributed to the integration of sustainability topics in management education.

All pertinent information is accessible on the website:

The deadline for submission is May 22, 2024.

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Luca Fraccascia