Deadline for submitting abstracts to AScUS 2024 in Troyes: Nov, 15th!

Dear IE Community,

There are six days left for submitting abstracts to AScUS 2024 in Troyes! (deadline: Nov. 15th)

We are still looking for exciting proposals for discussion session or other interactive sessions for fostering exchange, with reduced fees for all session organizers!

The 2024 AScUS Unconference on Urban Sustainability will be held as a physical event (hybrid participation possible for reducing travel impacts) from the 20th to 22nd of March 2024 in Troyes, France.

The AScUS Unconferences are unique because of their participants-driven, actionable format, aiming to engage participants with stimulating in-depth discussions and participatory sessions. As such, the unconference is organized around a broad selection of discussion topics, all submitted by the participants themselves. The format of these sessions is not pre-determined and can be defined freely by the session organizer(s). Creative out-of-the-box activities and cross-disciplinary approaches are particularily welcome.

For more details and for submitting abstracts and proposals for discussion sessions, please see: 

Looking forward to your submissions and to seeing you in March in Troyes!

The AScUS Organising Committee