Data Perceptualization for Climate Science Communication


How can we present complex science so that laymen and non-specialists are convinced? Climate and sustainability science is commonly
communicated using texts and still images. Might we gain a deeper understanding and richer appreciation through other
means? Sonification and visualization are processes of data perceptualization: the study, interpretation, and representation
of scientific measurements in ways that inform, excite, and surprise.

While science speaks through words, numbers, and diagrams, art communicates through movement, images, sound,
and sculpture. This Research Topic aims to stimulate a renewed look at what artists can do for science, and how scientists can
approach art as a means for discovery and communication. It will gather articles dealing with the characterization and systematic
translation of climate data into sound, light, and physical form, as well as design implications for effective communication.

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PerMagnus Lindborg, City University of Hong Kong
Shauhrat S Chopra, City University of Hong Kong
Katharina Groß-Vogt, KUG Graz


DACA Conference