2nd call for papers: Special issue of the JIE on Industrial Ecology for the Ocean

The Journal of Industrial Ecology is preparing a special issue, Industrial Ecology for the Ocean, and has funding to pay for open access publication.  While some of those funds have been spent on articles already accepted for publication, more have become available and we are eager to make sure that this opportunity is not wasted.  The special issue will be widely promoted.

Potential topics include:

  *   Emissions from shipping and trade
  *   Ocean energy
  *   Seabed mining
  *   Marine plastics
  *   Fisheries and aquaculture
  *   Recovery of resources (end of life management of sea cables, off-shore platforms, shipbreaking, etc.)
  *   Coastal nutrient management
  *   Marine biomass management
  *   Industrial symbiosis in ports and marine environments

Submissions for the special issue must be received by October 1, 2021.
To see the full call for papers, go to https://jie.yale.edu/call-papers-industrial-ecology-oceans

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