EEIO Special Session

Environmentally Extended Input Output Section

The EEIO Section had a very successful Special Session at the ISIE Conference in Chicago yesterday with great presentations.


Special Session: “Method development in EEIO – novel advances and best practices”

Venue  Room F

Wednesday 13:45 - 15:15


On the balancing of data in Input-Output networks

» Johannes Többen (NTNU Industrial Ecology Programme, Trondheim, Norway), Kirsten Wiebe (NTNU Industrial Ecology Programme, Trondheim, Norway)
Electrifying Australian Transport: Carbon footprint of a transition to electric vehicles and renewable electricity

» Paul Wolfram (Yale University), Thomas Wiedmann (UNSW Australia)
Fully integrated and automated hybrid LCA implementation in the Industrial Ecology Virtual Laboratory

» Man YU (The University of New South Wales), Thomas Wiedmann (The University of New South Wales)
The Industrial Ecology Virtual Laboratory

» Arne Geschke (The University of Sydney), Thomas Wiedmann (UNSW Australia), Manfred Lenzen (The University of Sydney), Arunima Malik (The University of Sydney)
Consumption-based emissions accounting and technology transfer possibilities

» Kirsten Svenja Wiebe (Industrial Ecology Programme, NTNU)
Assembling a Mixed-Unit Input-Output Model for Australian Construction Materials

» Soo Huey Teh (The University of New South Wales), Thomas Wiedmann (UNSW Australia)